Aiming at Taiwan’s Presidential Chair, Terry Gou Resigns from Foxconn and Faces Typhoon Haikui, Domestic Flights in Taiwan Canceled and Thousands of Citizens Evacuated

Terry Gou, the founder of Apple’s main supplier Foxconn, stepped down as a member of the company’s board, the Taiwanese company said on Saturday.This decision comes less than a week after he announced his candidacy to become Taiwan’s next president. After months of speculation, Gou, who stepped down as Foxconn chairman in 2019, on Monday announced he would run as an independent candidate in the presidential election to be held in January.

In a brief statement, Foxconn said Gou had stepped down for “personal reasons”, noting that he had “formally handed over leadership of the group to a professional manager four years ago”. Gou’s campaign declined to comment. When asked Monday about the issue of a conflict of interest with Gou as a major shareholder of Foxconn, which has massive investments in China, Gou said he was willing to “sacrifice” his personal assets in China in the event of a Beijing attack “I didn’t follow their instructions.”Gou is the fourth person seeking the position of Taiwan president. However, poll results before his announcement placed him well behind the front-runner, William Lai of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), currently serving as vice president. Gou has repeatedly accused the DPP of waging war with China, which claims the island as its territory, with an antagonistic attitude toward Beijing.

The government led by the DPP, and Lai, has repeatedly offered talks with China

despite being reject, because Beijing views them as separatists. Gou this week tried to unite the opposition against the DPP. but so far no agreement has been reach. The other two candidates are former Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je of the Taiwan People’s Party, and Hou Yu-ih of Taiwan’s main opposition party, the Kuomintang. Which has traditionally favored close ties with Beijing.
and Domestic flights were cancel and nearly 3,000 people evacuat as Taiwan prepare for the arrival of Typhoon Haikui on Sunday, September 2023 which is expect to bring heavy rains.

The storm is expect to reach the mountainous and sparsely populated region of far southeastern Taiwan by Sunday afternoon.

With areas to the east and south canceling classes and declaring holidays for workers.
Haikui is a much weaker storm than Typhoon Saola that hit Hong Kong and southern China’s Guangdong province on Saturday. Haikui was only expect to be a Category 1 or 2 typhoon when it hit Taiwan. According to Tropical Storm Risk.

Taiwan’s government said 2,868 people had  evacuate from settlements mainly in the southern and eastern regions. Taiwan’s two main domestic airlines, UNI Air and Mandarin Airlines, canceled all flights on Sunday. While ferry services to off shore islands were also cancel.
Disruption to international flights was reduce, with only 25 flights canceled on Sunday.
The military has deployed troops and equipment to assist with flood relief and evacuation efforts. After passing through southern Taiwan, Haikui is expected to cross the Taiwan Strait towards China.

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