Boundaries of Egypt, Home to the Pyramids of Giza

Boundaries of Egypt, Home to the Pyramids of Giza Maybe you know that Egypt is a country synonymous with pyramids and deserts. But, do you know where Egypt’s boundaries, geographic location, and astronomical location are? Egypt is a country located on the continent of Africa to Asia in the southwest corner. The area of ​​the country of Egypt is about 1,002 million square kilometers.
Astronomically, the country of Egypt is located at 22° N – 32° E and 25° E – 36° E. Meanwhile, geographically, Egypt is located between the following regions and countries. North: Mediterranean Sea East: Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba Northeast: Israel and West Gaza Strip: South Libya: Sudan It should be noted, about 96 percent of Egypt’s territory is desert and sand dunes. The area in Egypt is very barren, except for the Nile River Valley which has a water source.

Therefore, 98 percent of Egypt’s population resides around the Nile River Basin due to good soil conditions for agriculture and well-irrigated water sources. Currently, the population of Egypt as of 2022 is 102,298,966 people. Egypt’s nature does not have forests, there are only trees that can live in dry and barren areas such as lontar, eucalyptus, and acacia.

While the fauna commonly found in Egypt are sheep, camels, donkeys, and 300 species of birds. Also read: Boundaries of Brunei Darussalam Territory of Egypt Here we have summarized the northern, eastern, western and southern points of the country whose capital is Cairo: The northernmost point of Egypt is located in Taba, Sidi Barrani City The easternmost point of Egypt is located at Ras Hadarba The westernmost point of Egypt is located at the Ruins of Qasr al Qarn, Borders of Libya The southernmost point of Egypt is located at Jabal Bartazuga, Borders of the Sudan Egypt is famous for the Suez Canal which joins the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

The Suez Canal is one of the busiest canals in the world

shortening the shipping route from Asia to Europe. Apart from the Suez Canal, there is also the Nile River which is the longest river in the world and a source of life for the people of Egypt. There are several forms of earth or relief that can be found in Egypt, namely:
The Sinai Peninsula is a plateau and mountains. The Arabian desert in the form of barren, rough, and bumpy mountains. The Libyan Desert where the land is lower than sea level. The fertile Nile River Valley is a center of agricultural activity and population. Egypt is very rich in oil and gas, iron ore, clay, gypsum and other mineral resources. Then the most iconic of Egypt, namely the pyramids. There are about 138 pyramids in Egypt from various ages. One of them is the Great Pyramid of Giza which is includ in the seven wonders of the world

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