Typhoon Haikui Hits Taiwan, 44 People Injured – Thousands

Typhoon Haikui Hits Taiwan, 44 People Injured - Thousands Displaced.

Typhoon Haikui Hits Taiwan, 44 People Injured – Thousands Displaced. Typhoon Haikui, a powerful tropical cyclone, recently made landfall in. Taiwan, wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. The typhoon’s impact has resulted in numerous injuries and the displacement of thousands of residents. This article provides …

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Aiming at Taiwan’s Presidential Chair, Terry Gou Resigns from Foxconn and Faces Typhoon Haikui, Domestic Flights in Taiwan Canceled and Thousands of Citizens Evacuated

Terry Gou, the founder of Apple’s main supplier Foxconn, stepped down as a member of the company’s board, the Taiwanese company said on Saturday.This decision comes less than a week after he announced his candidacy to become Taiwan’s next president. After months of speculation, Gou, who stepped down as Foxconn …

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B-21 Raider: America’s Most Advanced Stealth Bomber Jet

B-21 Raider: America's Most Advanced Stealth Bomber Jet.

B-21 Raider: America’s Most Advanced Stealth Bomber Jet. September 2, 2023 – The B-21 Raider, the United States Air Force’s next-generation stealth bomber. Represents a leap forward in military aviation technology. Designed to replace the aging B-1B Lancer and B-2 Spirit bombers, the Raider is set to become a pivotal …

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In Mexico’s Maya ruins, archaeologists discover ancient nose

Maya Ruins

A centuries-old, beautifully carved Maya ruins nose decoration made of human bone. Has been discovered by archaeologists excavating in the Palenque archaeological site. An ancient metropolis in the state of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico. It is thought that the curved artifact, which is just over 6 centimeters long and 5 …

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Military Coup in Gabon, Indonesian Citizens Congratulations

Military Coup in Gabon The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that 708 Indonesian citizens living in Gabon were safe after the military coup on Wednesday, 30 August 2023. The Indonesian Embassy in Abuja and the Indonesian Honorary Consul in Gabon continued to monitor the situation in Gabon after the …

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Borders Closed In a statement on Thursday the junta

the junta said it had resumed domestic flights and restored several state institutions, including the Constitutional Court. However, land and air borders remain closed. On Thursday, trucks, cars and motorbikes were stuck in long queues at Gabon’s border with southern Cameroon, a Reuters journalist said. At the intersection in Kye-Ossi, …

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