Current Condition of Two Men in Parepare After Attempting Penis Enlargement with Candlenut Oil

Penis Enlargement In a concerning turn of events, two men from Parepare, Indonesia, have found themselves in critical medical conditions after attempting a dangerous and unconventional method of penis using candlenut oil. This incident has raised alarm bells about the dangers of seeking unverifi and unsafe means of enhancing one’s physical appearance.

The two individuals, whose identities have kept confidential, reported sought out this method in the hope of achieving penis size. They applied candlenut oil, locally known as “minyak kemiri,” to their genitalia in the belief that it would lead to enlargement. However, this practice is not only unproven but also extremely hazardous to one’s health.

Shortly after applying the oil, both men began experiencing severe pain, swelling, and inflammation in their genital areas. Hence Their conditions quickly deteriorat, prompting them to seek immediate medical attention. Medical professionals in Parepare shock by the extent of damage caused the misguid attempt at penis enlargement.

Dr. Maria Dewi, a urologist at Parepare General Hospital Penis Enlargement

emphasized the severe consequences of such actions. “Applying candlenut oil or any substance to the genital area parepare can lead to serious medical complications, including tissue damage.  Infection, and permanent scarring,” she stated. These actions not only endanger one’s health but can also result in long-term physical and trauma.”

The two men are currently intensive medical treatment and surgery to address the damage caused by the ill-advised. Hence Attempt at enlargement. Their recovery is expecte to be long and challenging, with no guarantee of a full return to .

Local health authorities and medical professionals are urging the public to prioritize their health and safety and seek professional medical. Advice when considering any form of medical or cosmetic procedure. They emphasize that seeking out and potentially harmful methods can lead to life consequences.

This incident serves as a stark remind of the dangers with unprov methods of self and the importance. Hence of relying on medical expertise for any health concerns. It is hoped that the unfortunate experiences of these. Two individuals will deter others from pursuing similar risky paths and open and inform discussions about health issues in the community.

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