Why fashion businesses are putting celebrities in charge: DJ Khaled and Snipes

Recently, DJ Khaled supporters blocked traffic on Miami’s streets.

The audience wasn’t there to watch a new album arrive.

They had come to see the recording artist’s brand-new concept store, a sizable area filled with shoes and “athleisure wear” that is the result of his collaboration with the German streetwear brand Snipes.

The musician subsequently penned, “Today was so special FANLUV THANK YOU!” in a series of Instagram postings that included clips of him interacting with consumers and promoting the song Let’s Go Shopping.

The Grammy-winning music mogul is more than simply the spokesperson for the company.

He was hired as the company’s chief creative officer not long after starting to work with Snipes, making him the most recent A-lister to convert his celebrity status into a C-suite title, or high-ranking executive role.
He doesn’t take that responsibility lightly.

DJ Khaled

We fell in love because they used me as the face of their businesses; it was a wonderful opportunity. Before the business opened, “I now work at Snipes.

But what real value can a well-known figure like DJ Khaled provide to the position of creative officer?

He is more than just a celebrity, the producer argues.

“We have vision too.”

Sven Voth, CEO and creator of Snipes, claims that when DJ Khaled’s hiring was originally made public in 2019, it did draw criticism from other parties.
Because this is a little bit excessive for what it is, “everyone in the United States thought this German guy is a little crazy,” he claims.

Only 65 Snipes stores existed in the US at the time.

Mr. Voth attributes the rapper’s commitment to helping the business expand to over 300 stores now.

I believe that was the ideal place for us to start, he asserts.

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