‘Drone strike’ on airfield during Ukraine war destroys Russian transport aircraft

According to Russian news outlets, a drone attack on an airfield in the city of Pskov in northwest Russia resulted in damage to two military transport planes.

According to the sources, the attack caused the Ilyushin 76 freight planes to catch fire.

The local governor had stated that the military was fending off an assault. He posted a video that featured a huge fire and an explosion.

Pskov lies near to the Estonian border, more than 600 kilometers (372 miles) from the Ukrainian border.

Although Ukraine rarely comments on strikes inside Russia, it has not denied involvement in the most recent attack.

The nation is thought to have boost its use of explosive drones to attack targets within Russia in recent weeks.
Additional developments

The Russian military reported that about midnight Moscow time (21:00 GMT). During an operation in the Black Sea, its forces had sunk four fast Ukrainian boats carrying a total of about 50 soldiers. Ukraine did not respond right away.


The Russian military reported shooting down three Ukrainian drones over. The Bryansk region in the south and one over the Oryol region in the center.

According to the Russian Tass news agency, the airspace over Moscow’s Vnukovo airport has restrict.

Regional governor of Pskov Mikhail Vedernikov posted on Telegram that “the defense ministry is repelling a drone attack on Pskov’s airport.”

According to Mr. Vedernikov, who claimed to have been there throughout the incident, there aren’t any victims.

According to an original report from the Russian Tass news agency, which cited emergency services, four Ilyushin 76 (Il-76) aircraft had been damaged, with two of them allegedly catching fire. Later, the Ria news agency reported that two Il-76 aircraft had caught fire.

Drones earlier targeted the Pskov region in late May.

Three people were killed last week in a drone strike on the Belgorod region of Russia, hours after a drone hit central Moscow, according to Russian officials.

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