Elizabeth II is honored with a gold coin the size of a basketball

A brand-new coin honoring Queen Elizabeth II life may be “among the most valuable coins of all time. “It is made of over 8 pounds of gold and 6,426 diamonds.

Actually, the designer of this unique luxury item estimates its value to be “around $23 million.”

Elizabeth II

The commemorative coin, which was unveile on Monday—a few days before the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s. Passing—is not regard as legal money in the UK, but the coin denominations it contains are. It was create by the East India Company. A high-end lifestyle brand that owns the trademark rights to the name of the business that had rule over a sizable portion of Britain’s empire.

In a press statement, the business dubbed its creation “The Crown” and called it a “objet d’art.” A rare 1933 US “Double Eagle” that sold for $18.9 million at Sotheby’s New York in June 2021 now holds the Guinness World Record for the most expensive coin to ever sell at auction.

With a circumference of almost 9.6 inches and a design that includes nearly a dozen 24-carat gold coins resting in beds of diamonds, the coin is broader than an NBA regulation basketball.

The larger coin, which is in the center, weighs over two pounds. The smaller coins, which are arrange around it, each weigh one ounce and show either pictures of the late monarch or images of qualities like truth, justice, and courage.

The setting of the reverse inspire by the late queen’s tiaras, while the front features thousands of diamonds arranged to represent the UK flag.

The quality of the materials and the crafting procedures, which engaged artisans and professionals from the UK, India, Singapore, Germany, and Sri Lanka, according to The East India Company, contributed to the item’s multimillion dollar price.

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