Hu Chun, the Giant Panda at the Bogor Safari Park, turns 13

Hu Chun, the giant panda at Taman Safari Indonesia Bogor, turns 13 on September 9 2023. The birthday celebration was celebrated with various activities for two days on September 9-10.

General Manager of the Bogor Safari Park, Emeraldo Parengkuan in Bogor, said that Hu Chun’s birthday, which falls on September 9, is centered at the Panda Palace, Bogor Safari Park. Some of the activities held were, face painting or painting visitors’ faces, keeper talks, quizzes and handing out door prizes.

“We commemorate Giant Panda Hu Chun’s birthday regularly every year,” said Emeraldo.
The Hu Chun giant panda is one of the favorite animals at the Bogor Safari Park.

The Panda Palace has been standing at Taman Safari Indonesia (TSI) Bogor for five years

“Since the arrival of pandas named Hu Chun and Cai Tao from China on September 28 2017, Panda Palace has become a favorite destination for TSI visitors,” said Emeraldo.

Cai Tao is a male panda who was born on August 4 2010. The name Cai Tao itself means handsome, charismatic and noble young man. Meanwhile, Hu Chun is a female panda who was born on September 8 2010. The name Hu Chun means lake in spring or the beauty of nature.
Cai Tao and Hu Chun are from Chengdu, Sinchuan Province, China. Both of them were able to adapt well after going through the quarantine phase at TSI Cisarua, Bogor, when they arrived in Indonesia on September 28 2017.

The two pandas were able to adapt because their new environment was similar to their home in China. Located near Mount Gede – Pangrango, the giant panda house at Bogor Safari Park has a temperature of 18 to 24 degrees Celsius. Around the location of the Panda Palace there is also an 8 hectare bamboo garden available for food.

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