In Mexico’s Maya ruins, archaeologists discover ancient nose

A centuries-old, beautifully carved Maya ruins nose decoration made of human bone. Has been discovered by archaeologists excavating in the Palenque archaeological site. An ancient metropolis in the state of Chiapas in southeastern Mexico. It is thought that the curved artifact, which is just over 6 centimeters long and 5 centimeters wide (or roughly 2.4 by 2 inches). Was worn by priests during ceremonies in which they assumed the characteristics of the Mayan deity K’awiil. Also known as God K, who is linked to lightning, fertility, and abundance.

According to Arnoldo González Cruz, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). Which oversaw the excavations, it is also a significant illustration of Mayan creative sensibilities.

Maya Ruins

The pendant is carved with images that represent ceremonial interactions with the gods and ancestors and is crafted from a piece of the distal tibia, a bone that helps form the ankle joint. The main character is a Mayan guy, depicted in profile and bearing the Mayan glyph for “darkness” on his arm. He is also wearing a headdress and a beaded necklace. According to González Cruz, he is accompanied by a skull and is carrying a bundle that is a typical icon in Maya burial scenes.

The item was discovered by INAH’s crew while performing conservation work at the Palace of Palenque. A complex at the heart of the ancient city and National Park of Palenque, a Unesco World Heritage site. The bone was placed between 600CE and 850CE in what researchers think was a ritual deposit to mark the completion of a building. It was surrounded by seeds, tiny animal bones, obsidian knives, and big coal chunks.

When the jewelry was worn, it would have rested on the nose’s bridge. Drawing a straight line from the forehead to the tip of the nose. González Cruz claimed that this was probably an attempt to replicate K’awiil’s protruding head, which was sometimes depicted as a personification of an ear of corn.

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