When the delivery of 2 Indonesian submarines from the Soviet Union was scouted by US aircraft

Indonesian submarines JAKARTA  – The purchase of 12 Whiskey (W) class submarines from the Soviet Union in the period 1959 to the 1960s became the starting point for the development of the Indonesian Navy (ALRI) or now called the Indonesian Navy. The purchase of these submarines had strategic objectives, one of which was to support the operation to liberate West Irian, which at that time was still under Dutch control.

However, the procurement of the submarine did not run smoothly Indonesian submarines

When on the way to Indonesia, the movement of the submarine ordered by Indonesia was monitored by a United States Navy reconnaissance aircraft. And, this reconnaissance event did not happen just once. The first reconnaissance The first reconnaissance took place after 112 Indonesian Navy personnel had completed training in the operation of two submarines ordered by Indonesia from the Soviet Union in 1959. The 112 personnel had previously undergone selection in Malang, East Java. One of the participants was Marine Major RP Poernomo who at that time served as Commander of the RI Pati Unus Ship. Poernomo was ordered directly by the Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Vice Admiral R Soebijakto to undergo submarine crew training.

Quoted from a book entitled “Mission Accomplished” by Atmadji Sumarkidjo Indonesian submarines

after completing the selection stage, they departed on a Danish-flagged civilian ship, MV Heinrich Jessen, to a port in the Adriatic Sea, Europe. From there they continued their journey by train through Eastern Bloc countries until they reached the Port of Gdanz, Poland. Poernomo just realized. He and other personnel did not undergo training in the Soviet Union, but on Soviet submarines based in Poland. In short, practice after practice they lakoni. They also absorb the theory and practice of operating submarines. The pinnacle of this education is the final examination stage which is held in the Baltic Sea.

KSAL Associate Admiral R Soebijakto

was willing to come from Jakarta to witness the final test of future Navy submarine crew candidates. The final exam stage was led by an admiral and a number of Soviet submarine officers. Materials for the final exam include trimming moving using a snorkel to crash diving quickly and precisely.

The students also successfully passed the final exams

to the extent that a Soviet Admiral who led the final exams praised the abilities of Indonesian students. After completing their education, all personnel finally returned to Indonesia by boat, minus Poernomo and a Head of the Machinery Room (KKM). The two of them returned using two submarines that had previously been ordered by Indonesia. When on delivery to Indonesia, the two submarines still used the Soviet Union Navy hull numbers, respectively S-79 and S-91. Later these two submarines were named RI Tjakra and RI Nanggala. It was during this delivery that the two W class submarines were scouted by United States Navy aircraft.

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