Malaysia Plane Crash Victim’s Message: Mom Please Take Care of My Son

Malaysia Plane Crash Victim’s Message: Mom Please Take Care of My Son. One of the victims of the plane crash in Malaysia Mohammad Taufiq Mohd Zaki, had time to give his mother a final message before leaving for Langkawi last week. Mohammad’s mother Rohani Mohamed Ibrahim recounted her last conversation with her son the day before the unfortunate incident occurred. He then imitated the sound of the message. Mama, please take care of my children. I love you very much. Be careful Rohani said revealing Mohammad’s message at the time, as quoted by The Malay Mail Sunday (20/8).

After the accident claimed Mohammad’s life, Rohani made up his mind to help his daughter-in-law

Suzana Paiman, take care of his four children aged three to 10 years. His wife doesn’t work. Whenever he [Mohammed] is out of town, my husband and I will help take [our grandson] to school he said when met at the Ukay Perdana Muslim Cemetery. Mohammad was the special officer for the Pelalangai Pahang assemblyman, Johari Harun, who was also killed in the incident. According to his mother, he is the second child of three siblings who really cares for his parents. He was very kind, especially to his parents. He would call every day and ask how I was doing. Was a good kid and never caused any trouble said Rohani.


Meanwhile Mohammad’s father Mohd Zaki Abd Kadir revealed the reason behind his son’s last message.

He said that before Mohammad went to Langkawi, his two grandchildren were rushed to the hospital. That’s what made Mohammad entrust his child to his mother. He took his sons to Ampang Puteri Hospital before going to Langkawi. His two sons had the flu. That’s why he asked his mother to take care of his children said Mohd Zaki. Mohammad then left for Langkawi. He then boarded the Beechcraft Moel 390 plane with seven other people to Subang. However, the plane he was traveling on crashed on the streets of Selangor shortly before landing at Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. The incident killed ten people, namely the eight people on the plane and two people who were passing on the road.

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The Minister of Terengganu, Ahmad Samsuri Mokhtar, who is also an aerospace expert, suspects that the cause of the plane crashing into a sharp dive was due to a technical problem in the wing control section of the plane. However, the Malaysian authorities are still conducting an investigation to find out the exact cause of the plane crash.


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