Olivia Rodrigo interview: God, what a weird trajectory

The unicorn Olivia Rodrigo exists.

She experienced an overnight hit with just one song, which is unheard of in the contemporary, disjointed music business.

In just one day after its January 2021 debut, Drivers License shattered all previous Spotify records. It then broke them once more. It debuted at the top of the charts in the US and the UK seven days later.

Olivia Rodrigo

Even her record company was surprised.

Ben Mortimer, president of Polydor, acknowledged, “I think we’d all be lying if we said we knew the extent of what was coming.”

A repeat of Drivers License occurred. Sour, Rodrigo’s debut album, helped revive pop-punk, produced four more chart-topping singles, and won three Grammy Awards.

The celebrity made her Glastonbury debut to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which eliminated the federal right to abortion in the US, and was invited to the White House as part of a vaccination campaign.

She returned to record her final episodes of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series for Disney in the midst of it all, and she also embarked on her first tour, gingerly playing smaller venues due to the fact that, before the 2021 Brit Awards, she had never performed any of her original work in front of an audience.

We visit the singer, now 20 years old, in London in August. She remarks, “Looking back, I’m like, God, what a weird journey.

“Obviously, that was simply insane and absurd. Despite the fact that I had spent my entire life working and writing music, it seemed to happen overnight.

And it wasn’t until recently that I started to realize how drastically my life had altered in a short period of time.

She left the spotlight as soon as the Sour tour ended in July of last year; she calls herself an introvert.

“I spent a lot of time alone,” describing extended periods of time spent knitting, watching old movies, and making oatmeal cookies.

She laughs, “My God, that makes me sound so stupid.” “Look at that elderly lady over there!”

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