The story of hundreds of Indian soldiers defecting to RI in the Battle of Surabaya

When Sanyog Srivastava Ji visited the Tugu Pahlawan national monument commemorating the soldiers who died in battle, he always looked for the names of Indian soldiers who died fighting alongside Indonesian freedom fighters. “When you go to the Hero’s Monument, you will find some explanations. And the members of the Indian diaspora here, those who studied at Indonesian schools, they are very familiar [with this event],” he said.

Sanyog has lived in Surabaya for almost 25 years with his family Pahlawan national

He said the Battle of Surabaya had a deep meaning for both Indian and Indonesian citizens Pahlawan national. Both of them have been pressured by some invaders who have been in their country for a long time. And when Indian soldiers came here under British orders, they realized that they were facing people who shared the same fate as them,” Sanyog said in an online interview with BBC Indonesia from his home in Surabaya.

He feels that most of the Indian expatriates in his community Pahlawan national are not fully informed about the history. That links India and Indonesia Still, he hopes more people will find out about the story because of that many. Thought that togetherness would be created and it would be better and respect each other respect each other and develop. Harmony and cooperation,” said Sanyog.

The history of India’s involvement in Indonesia in modern times cannot be separated from the role of Britain

At the beginning of the 19th century Pahlawan national, the British, who colonized India for 89 years, often sent Indian soldiers, especially to areas of Asia and the Middle East (Egypt and Syria), to resolve conflicts. There are around 250,000 Indian troops that the British military can deploy.

The British sent Indian soldiers to Indonesia for at least two eras Pahlawan national

First, in August-September 1811, when the British invaded Java Island by deploying more than 6,000 Indian troops. Second, at the end of World War II. The deployment of a 4,000-strong Indian troop brigade led by Brigadier General Aubertin Walter Sothern Mallaby (1899-1945) in Surabaya on October 25, 1945, sparked the Battle of Surabaya.

On November 10, 1945, all troops of the Indian Fifth Division Pahlawan national

led by Major General Sir Robert Mansergh (1900-70), landed in Surabaya carrying tanks and fighter planes The Battle. Of Surabaya in 1945 was the last time the British used Indian troops to resolve a colonial conflict. Because the presence of Indian troops actually hurt the British because they chose to help the Indonesian fighters.

Surabaya-born nationalist figure and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Dr. Roeslan Abdulgani, called the incident a “disaster that determined the course of Surabaya’s history and also the course of the struggle for independence throughout Indonesia.

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