Photo of Trump’s face Former becomes merchandise

A photo of former US President Donald Trump’s historic face. Posted by a Georgia courthouse on Thursday evening. Was turn into T-shirts, glasses, mugs, posters and even a bobblehead doll by friends and foes alike.
The photo of Trump in a red tie, shiny hair and a scowl was taken as the Republican nominee for president was arrested on more than a dozen felony charges, part of a criminal case stemming from his efforts to overturn the 2020 election.
Supporters and campaign managers have welcomed the description of his arrest, as they support Trump’s claims that the charges against him are politically motivated.
For critics, the photo is a symbol that a long list of legal problems has finally befallen him.
Trump Save America fundraising committee selling “NEVER SURRENDER!” His son Don Jr. marketed a “FREE TRUMP” mug shot T-shirt (US$29.99) and a poster ($19.99).
On the other side of the political divide, the Lincoln Project, a prominent anti-Trump group founded by the Republican Party, is selling glasses ($55.00 for six) with a mug and Etsy, a craft site, has dozens of products mocking it, including a parody of a Taylor Swift concert t-shirt ($26.00).

In Los Angeles a T-shirt shop not affiliated with any of the campaigns began selling tops with the image on Friday afternoon.

. “Hey, this is Trump. He sells everything so why don’t you have a T-shirt?
The image could become a major fundraiser for the Republican candidate, predict some political strategists.
“Her die-hard fans are going to see this and it’s going to be a nerve. Wracking exercise for them to send in that $25 and get that t-shirt or mug.” Said David Kochel, a veteran of the Republican presidential campaign in Iowa.
Trump has for months sought to use the criminal investigation against him to drum up support among his supporters. Starting with his first conviction in New York. The fundraising group, including its past and current presidential campaigns. Has reported investing more than US$98 million in its merchandise operation since 2015, purchasing items such as bumper stickers, hoodies and coffee mugs for sale.
Speaking to Reuters after the Republican debate on Wednesday. Co-campaign manager Chris LaCivita said his team had been focuse on turning the four charges positive. “Making sure that we made lemonade at every opportunity, and I think we did.”
Other political operations veterans say campaigns can make 50% or more profits on sales of their. Merchandise and LaCivita on Thursday warned those trying to make money from the images without campaign permission.

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