Rainstorm Hits Saudi Arabia, Here are 4 Things You Know

Rainstorm Hits Saudi Arabia, Here are 4 Things You Know. The torrential rainstorm accompanied by strong winds and severe thunderstorms caused some damage across the country. Rainstorms at the Grand Mosque, Mecca, also had an impact on Umrah pilgrims. The incident occurred on Tuesday (22/8/2023) around 20.00 WIB Saudi Arabia (WAS) or Wednesday at 00.00 WIB. In the video uploaded by Haramain and Al-Arabiya, it appears that it is raining very heavily accompanied by strong winds. Lightning with a sound so loud that it occasionally appears.

Damage Occurs in Several Areas

Some damage occurred in several areas due to heavy rain accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorms in Saudi Arabia . Reported by Gulf News media , Wednesday (23/8/2023), the cities of Makkah and Jeddah and several other areas were the worst affected by the storm. A video circulating on social media platforms shows the powerful force of the wind. So strong that it lifts a heavy plastic barrier. The same gust of wind threatens the movement of Umrah pilgrims at the Grand Mosque, Mecca.

A video documenting the collapse of power poles due to wind and heavy rain on Asfan Road, northeast of Jeddah, has gone viral on various social media platforms. Some of the clips show power poles tilting towards the road, depicting the unstable weather situation.

Umrah Pilgrims in Makkah Affected

Earlier reports also indicated a dust storm engulfed the Jeddah area, with thick clouds of dust filling the sky. Although the thunderstorm situation in Mecca looks dire, there are beautiful moments amidst the chaos. When the Grand Mosque was hit by heavy rain and strong winds, Umrah pilgrims continued their prayers. Thus creating a spiritual scene when they pray under the pouring rain.

Testimony of the Congregation at the Grand Mosque

In another circulating video, it appears that several objects in the location are flying and falling. The rains were so heavy that the streets and cars around the Grand Mosque complex were inundated with water due to the floods. One of the Umrah pilgrims from Indonesia who was at the location, Syamsul Arifin, confirmed the news. Syamsul said, the heavy rains that occurred in the Makkah region occurred for quite a long time. Yes, it’s true last night after the Maghrib prayer, this photo was near the Grand Mosque,” he said when confirmed by detikcom, Wednesday (23/8/2023).

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