RIIZE Introduce Yourself Through Enthusiastic Track Memories

RIIZE Introduce Yourself Through Enthusiastic Track Memories. Approximately two weeks until the official debut of SM Entertainment’s new boy band, RIIZE. The group consisting of Shotaro, Eunseok, Sungchan, Wonbin, Seunghan, Sohee, and Anton released their pre-release track entitled Memories. In this song and MV, RIIZE introduces themselves brightly accompanied by a song that also describes the spirit of stepping into a new world. The RIIZE MV was filmed in several cities in California such as Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks and Perris. Thick summer nuances are felt in this MV. The members display simple visuals without excessive makeup, doing things that teenagers usually do in summer: running, swimming, and having fun.

This simple visual appearance of the members inevitably

gives the impression of nostalgia for SM Stans (group fans from SM Entertainment’s management) with the concept that this management has presented in the previous group. There was TVXQ’s visual impression and style when they debuted with the song Hug, there was also the boy next door impression shown by SHINee when they debuted with Replay. The MV is divided into several segments that combine several RIIZE members in a group of 2 to 3 people. When viewed one by one, each display in this MV presents the development of each RIIZE member set in a fresh natural setting in California.

Memories is packaged as an uplifting song composed by KENZIE together with Adrian Thesen

Anne Judith Wik, Bobii Lewis, and Ronny Svendsen (all names mentioned after KENZIE are members of Dsign Music). The song was produced by KENZIE, Ronny Svendsen and Pizzapunk. Packed with synthesizer nuances and addictive guitar sounds. SM Entertainment management claims Memories is a track that can evoke youth nostalgia. The lyrics themselves describe the feelings of the RIIZE members who have. Finally succeeded in entering a new world, achieving their dreams of becoming stars in the K-Pop world. On the other hand, Memories is used as a symbol of starting a new page for RIIZE.

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