Russia Launches 71 Iranian Made Drones in Ukraine

Russia may have launched at least 71 Shahed Series unmanned aerial vehicles for a single strike (one-way attack uncrewed aerial vehicles/OWA-UAVs) of Iranian design against targets in Ukraine since early March.
The UK Ministry of Defense released the information in its daily intelligence update about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The UK Ministry of Defense said attacks using OWA-UAVs stopped for two weeks in late February, but Russia appeared to be receiving supplies again.
Russia is expect to launch the OWA UAVS from two locations. Namely from Krasnodar in the east and from Bryansk in the northeast. These locations allow Russia flexibility to target Ukraine broadly and reduce flight time to targets in northern Ukraine. The location is also likely part of a strategy for “reaching into the airspace of Ukraine more broadly.”
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Saturday (25/3) evening, Russia must be defeat.
Russia had to be defeat on the battlefield, in the economy. In international relations and in its attempt to replace historical truth with imperial myths. The Kremlin is losing the attempt to spiritually enslave our people.

It is Russia massive defeat that can be a reliable guarantee against aggression and crises said Zelenskyy.

Satellite imagery taken two days after the attack, on August 21, from the same airfield shows a patch of burnt, cratered ground and, judging by its shape, what looks like the remains of an airplane on the tarmac at the same location as a military aircraft in the satellite image. last August 8
Russian President Vladimir Putin also this weekend announced a deal to deploy tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus, saying the United States had taken similar steps.
In its statement the Russian Defense Ministry also said the attack was carrier out by a Ukrainian helicopter style drone. Which was shot down by small arms and confirm that there.

If it is true that helicopter-style drones were used in the attack, then according to British military intelligence, it raises suspicions that the attack was actually launched from inside Russian territory because these types of drones are not capable of reaching airfields from outside Russian territory.

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