Russian Soldiers Are Too Tough, United States Mercenaries Regret Going to War in Ukraine

Soldiers MOSCOW It’s no secret that Ukraine makes use of foreign mercenaries from the United States (US) war veterans. However, they generally regret having to fight for Ukraine in the war against Russia. Launching ABC News, the Western mercenaries stated that some Ukrainian troop units suffered an 85% casualty rate during the ongoing counteroffensive against Russian forces. The report aligns with casualty figures released by Russia, which claims its forces have disabled 43,000 Ukrainian troops in two months.
A veteran US soldier who fought with Ukrainian special forces near Donetsk told the ABC his unit, made up of “tens” of men, suffered “85% casualties” during an attack on a village near the town two weeks ago. Of those hit, 40% were injured so badly they became “ineffective combat” afterward. His colleague, another American mercenary, said the unit encountered “highly organized resistance” from Russian troops.
scale of the losses. In February

leaked Pentagon documents showed that Kiev had assembled 12 brigades for counteroffensives

incloud nine that were training and equipped by NATO. With brigades typically numbering between 2,000 and 4,000 troops, casualty rates of up to 85% roughly parallel Moscow’s figures. The US believe that Kiev has send ten of thousands more people to the front line since the start of the offensive. With officials notifying Politic earlier this month that 150.000 troops were currently in evolution in the operation.
American intelligence and military leaders believed that a counterattack would fail, and knew in advance that Ukraine’s chances of success were slim, according to recent media reports. Kiev intended to move south through the Zaporozhye region and reach the city of Melitopol near the Sea of Azov, which would split Russia’s front and cut off its land access to Crimea.
these lines. We lost three Leopards in one day because they were just told to advance into a minefield. One Western mercenary told the ABC. He added that the recently conscripted Ukrainian army did not have the necessary training for complex offensive operations. Russian President Vladimir Putin has characterized the Ukrainian offensive as suicidal and stated in June. That no matter how much Western ordnance is sent to the battlefield. Kiev mobilization reserves are unlimited. It seems that Ukraine’s Western allies are indeed ready to wage war on the last Ukraine Putin said.


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