The Japanese skincare line Cosmology was created

Two new skincare products created specifically for the hardships of space travel will be in the suitcase of Japanese astronaut. Kimiya Yui when he departs for the International Space Station (ISS) the following year and the name is Cosmology.

The face wash and lotion are a part of the “Cosmology” range, which was unveiled on Monday by ANA Holdings. The parent company of All Nippon Airways, and the POLA cosmetics brand from Japan.

The items were developed in response to a request by the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for skincare goods. That could be utilized in the limited resource, low-gravity, and highly dry environments of space.


The two businesses started developing the range in 2020, and in March, JAXA approved their plans for implementation.

The lotion was made to stay in a semi-solid condition so it won’t scatter under low gravity, while the face wash was made to simply be wiped off in order to conserve water.

These cosmetics are not the first to travel to space. While Estée Lauder has launched a skincare serum into space as part of a commercial relationship with the American space agency, retired NASA astronaut Joan Higginbotham spoke to InStyle in 2021 about using Vaseline, Cetaphil, foundation, blush, mascara, and lipstick during missions.

Given the parallels between the environment in flight and on the ISS, the new goods’ inventors stated that they expect to enhance astronauts’ quality of life in space and claimed that flight attendants on ANA aircrafts had tested its range.

The cleansing wash and lotion will be sold in a bundle called the “Cosmology Space Crew Kit” starting in October. The regular-sized goods will be available starting in January.

In Tokyo, POLA President Miki Oikawa expressed his hope that the items would also be useful in other instances where resources are few, including as evacuation centers after natural disasters.

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