The massive brow industry

In the past, when you mentioned visiting a salon for a trim, restyle, color, or shape, you were referring to the hair on your scalp. But in 2023, your eyebrows are just as likely to be the culprit. This is due to the fact that brow are a lucrative and expanding market, not only for salon treatments but also for home use products.

According to Allie Market Research, the size of the global market for brow gel alone estimate at $264.9 million in 2021 and is expect to reach $431.7 million by 2031. According to The Benchmarking Company’s survey of US beauty customers over the past 12 months, 73% (up from 66% in 2018) have bought both tools and makeup for their eyebrows and eyelashes.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact event that started our current infatuation with these tiny strips of hair.  It Anastasia Soare’s late 1990s introduction of her brow brand, Anastasia Beverly Hills, at a time when brows as a category generally recogniz? Or the early 2000s, when South Asian-American women like Vanita Parti of Blink Brow Bar and Shavata Singh of Shavata opened brow bars in the UK and introduced threading to the general public in the West?


Perhaps more recently, it began in 2015 with the release of Boy Brow by cult cosmetic company Glossier, a one-swipe brow pomade that instantly became popular. One Boy Brow is reportly sold worldwide every minute since Glossier update the line June of this year, add two new colours the current five.

Benefit Cosmetics unveiled a 45-product brow collection in 2016. The company has always focused on brows; in fact, when its first store debuted in San Francisco in 1976, it offered a shaping service. However, the line’s popularity solidified the company’s position as the global brand most associated with brows, according to Cision.

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