US Allies Oppose Cluster Bomb Shipment to Ukraine

US Allies States allies of the United States (US) expressed dismay over Washington’s decision to supply Ukraine with cluster bombs. On Friday, the US confirmed the controversial arms shipment to Ukraine, with President Joe Biden calling it a “very difficult decision”.
Britain, Canada and Spain have all expressed opposition to the use of the weapons.
The bombs usually release many small bombs which can kill indiscriminately over a large area.. An unexploded bomb can stay in the ground for years.
In an interview with CNN on Friday, Biden said he had spoken to allies about the decision, which is part of an $800 million military aid package.
US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan told reporters that the American cluster bombs delivered to Ukraine were far more doomed than those used by Russia in the conflict.
On Saturday, some of the US’s Western allies refused to support its decision. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak highlighted that Britain is one of 123 countries that have signed up to the Convention on Cluster Munitions, which prohibits the production or use of weapons and outlaws their use.
The UN human rights office also condemned.
A spokesperson for Russia’s defense ministry described the move as desperate and a testament to helplessness in the face of Ukraine’s much-publicized failed ‘counter-attack’. Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also said assurances that Ukraine would use cluster munitions responsibly “mean nothing”.
Not only opponents, friends are also worried about the plan to send cluster munitions or cluster bombs to Ukraine. Spanish Defense Minister Margarita Robles stressed that cluster bombs should not be used by Ukraine under any circumstances.

The strong statement came a day after the United States (US). Announced it would send the controversial weaponry to Ukraine, amid a shortage of conventional ammunition.

national security team. However, some of them usually fail to detonate, posing a grave risk to civilians years after combat has ended.

However US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan. On Friday told reporters that the delivery of these weapons was necessary to bridge. The gap until Kiev’s Western backers can increase production of conventional 155 mm rounds.
. “It was a very difficult decision on my part,” he said, claiming he was signing off on supplies because Ukraine was running out of ammunition.

“Cluster bombs are yet another ‘Wunderwaffe’ (miracle weapon) that Washington and Kiev are betting on, without thinking about the catastrophic consequences,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a press conference on Friday.

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