US intelligence believes Ukraine’s retaliatory strike against Russia will fail

The US intelligence community judged that a Ukrainian counterattack would fail to reach the main southeastern city of Melitopol . The US intelligence report said. They added that Ukraine would then be unable to “fulfill its primary objective of cutting Russia’s land bridge to Crimea in an offensive during this year.
. In a story published earlier on Thursday, he quoted an unnamed US intelligence official who bluntly stated that Ukraine would not win the war. Word has reached [US Secretary of State Antony Blinken] through the [CIA] that the Ukraine breach will not work, Hersh’s sources said. He added that the attack was just a show by [Ukrainian President Vladimir] Zelensky, and that there are some people in the government who believe his nonsense.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive

The Ukrainian counteroffensive began in early June, with Kiev deploying its best Western-equipped and trained brigade in a bid to cut the Russian land bridge linking Donbass with Crimea in the southern province of Zaporozhye. The operation failed by most estimates, and by Russian estimates, Ukraine cost more than 43,000 troops and nearly 5,000 pieces of heavy equipment in exchange for several villages. Since June, Zelensky has repeatedly blamed his lack of military success in the West, insisting
that he was not provided with sufficient weapons to penetrate Russian lines while demanding fighter jets and long-range missiles. Ukraine’s leadership is now divided on whether to continue operations or wait and try again next spring. According to Newsweek, Zelensky must now decide “whether to risk a costly failure, or to reduce Ukraine’s losses and accept a politically damaging defeat
According to Antonov, the US does not want to admit the setback and failure of the Ukrainian military’s efforts to carry out attacks on Russian territory. Therefore, they then carried out a new crazy act, by sending prohibited weapons to Ukraine. “The current level of US provocations is completely off scale, bringing humanity closer to a new world war,” he stressed.

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