Walking along the Rakotzbrucke Ghost Bridge in Germany

Die Rakotzbrucke is a unique bridge in Germany Its shape, which defies all laws of nature and engineering, is also known as the Ghost Bridge. It’s a popular destination for tourists and photographers if you visit Germany.

This semicircular bridge was built in the 19th century during the Romantic era. The building is designed to create the illusion of a perfect stone circle when reflected in the waters of the Rakotzsee lake below.

Detail of the Rakotbrucke bridge

The semicircular shape, combined with slender arches and carefully placed stones, allows for the creation of a stunning optical illusion. It is as if the bridge is straight out of a fairy tale, beckoning visitors to enter a wondrous world.

The bridge was built using local basalt and granite and displays extraordinary craftsmanship. The precision with which the stones were cut and arranged is a testament to the skill and dedication of the builders of that time. Even after more than a century, this bridge still stands strong.
This ghost bridge stretches majestically over the Rakotzsee, creating a mesmerizing reflection. The calm surface of the water reflects the symmetry of the bridge, giving the impression of forming a complete stone circle. If you want to see this unique visual effect, it is most striking in the morning or evening when sunlight shines on the surface of the bridge.

Apart from witnessing incredible optical illusions or admiring their construction

it is also an opportunity to connect with nature. The bridge is located within the Azalea and Rhododendron Garden, a beautiful colorful garden.
When visiting this destination, tourists are encouraged to respect its fragile ecosystem and not disturb local wildlife or litter.

Best time to visit Rakotzbrucke A pop of natural color makes it even more real. However, visitors must remember that it is strictly forbidden to cross it, in order to  it. This bridge is located in Kromlauer Park in East Germany and is best acces by driving. It was in 2018 and in 2021 construction was completed.

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