With impunity, Hindu radicals are “hunting down” Muslims.

Ashish Kumar and Somvir Singh Hindu radicals pleased to report. That they had driven out all of the Muslim tailors who had previously worked there. The two lanky, 20-something pals appeared to be passing the time in front of a mechanic’s store in Gurgaon’s Badshahpur bazaar. And on its pothole-filled streets. The city, which is in the state of Haryana and borders the capital New Delhi. Saw a rash of religious violence in early August. A mosque set on fire, one of its clerics was kill, and Muslim-owned shops were loot in reprisal for fighting that occurre during a Hindu parade on July 31 in Nuh, about 40 kilometers distant. After that, the violence spread throughout the state, killing at least six individuals.

Hindu radicals

In the days that followed, members of far-right Hindu organizations started looking for Muslim families who had migrated to Gurgaon, also known as “Millennium City,” from other states in the nation. Sonu Yadav, a local who works close to the Badshahpur district and saw the incident, claimed that young people from nearby villages ordered Muslim shops to leave by threatening to burn down their establishments. Along the road, the burn-out remains of a tire company can still be seen, but other temporary businesses that the rioters spare have abandone. Owners chose to leave after being threaten. Additionally, the Muslim barbers who often operate along the sidewalk vanish.

Singh and Kumar boasted of their involvement in creating this terrifying atmosphere. The extremist conspiracy theories were echo by Somvir, who perche on a plastic chair. He asserted that “Nearly 100% of the violence against Muslims is justified.” They both belong to the Bajrang Dal, a radical organization that shares the same ideological roots as The Vishva Hindu Parishad (World Council of Hindus, VHP) is the political party of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Bajrang Dal, a violent group that found in 1984, supports Indutva, the ruling party’s effort to convert India from a secular to a Hindu state.

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